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Why your A. Kahn Design Interior is a Great Investment
29th Oct 2013

Style, comfort, and custom-tailored luxury interiors are hallmarks of A. Kahn Design.

Journalist Ryan Konko elaborates further in his latest column for Kahn News.

In the game of automobiles, one of the often overlooked aspects of the industry is the interior. Granted, automakers spend billions of dollars towards design, materials, and more to make this part of the car an enjoyable place to be, but it often takes a backseat to driving dynamics, performance figures, and exterior design.

People often forget that this is the part of the car where most of their time is spent. That is, of course, unless you have a six- or seven-figure rarity that sits in a showroom, never to be driven. But the folks at A Kahn Design understand the importance of a well crafted interior. From the smallest of stitches and tiniest of details, to the hand-picked color scheme, a cabin by A Kahn Design is an enjoyable place.

While power and driving dynamics are important at A Kahn Design, style, comfort, and custom-tailored luxury are hallmarks of the brand. Individuality is a design principle here, one that the British company flaunts with each of their vehicles, proudly.

Any dream or desire that a customer envisions can be made into reality with A Kahn Design, no matter how wild or outlandish it may seem. Carbon fiber, wood, brushed aluminum and other high-quality materials can be used throughout. Little bits and pieces can be given any sort of color such as the gauges, trims, and more. Swarovski diamonds can be fitted to the clock’s bezel. Soft or rugged floor mats with elaborate stitching can decorate the floor, or passengers can be greeted by stainless steel door sills. And the list goes on.

Then there’s the upholstery department. Here, the investors in British industry give customers another limitless array of options that range from the subtle to the exotic. Take the Harris Tweed Editions models, for example. A Kahn Design uses Harris Tweed that’s governed by its own Act of Parliament, made using hand-spun, pure virgin wool from the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and features it throughout the cabin, making the driving experience even more special and unique than your traditional vehicle. But it doesn’t stop there. Various types of leather and alcantara in any color can be combined with a rainbow of colors and custom stitching patterns to create a masterpiece that’s not only comfortable to the touch, but to the eyes as well.

All of this can be shown to the world or kept as a hidden gem thanks to privacy-tinted glass. Whatever the choice is, everyone inside will be enjoying a superb motoring experience.

Ryan Konko is the senior motoring editor at motoring exposure: www.motoringexposure.com

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