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View From The press: Six And The City
20th Jun 2019

Land  Rover Monthly Magazine’s Patrick Cruywagen drove the 6.2 litre Flying  Huntsman 6X6 Defender past six iconic landmarks in a feature he has  aptly titled: Six And The City.

Read on to find out what Patrick had to say about the 6X6.

I will never forget the 2015 Geneva Motor Show for one specific  reason. My former publisher Geoff Love did a live video on the LRM  Facebook page of the unveiling of wheels wizard Afzal Kahn’s prototype  Flying Huntsman 6x6 Defender double cab pick-up.

It went viral with over 1.5 million views. This was probably because it was like no 6x6 Defender the world had ever seen.

Whilst the Australian military previously used their Defender 110  Perentie 6x6 for battlefield manoeuvres, Afzal’s Flying Huntsman 6x6 is  opulence personified and the only place it will ever see any action is  in the affluent areas of London and beyond.

Fast forward four years and I am in Chelsea, London, with my mate  Nekkies Smit (the designated driver for the day), standing outside  Afzal’s shiny Chelsea Truck Company showroom. We are here to take one of  his production Flying Huntsman 6x6 Defender double cab pickups for a  drive through central London.

It’s a five-seater but they also do a station wagon 9 or 12-seater  option. We’re met by the man himself and I feel a little under-dressed  in my cargo shorts and sneakers.

According to the sales brochure the 6x6 that we will be driving is  currently for sale at a whopping £279,999, you can purchase ten new  Defender 90s for that amount of money, when they were still making them,  of course.

I ask Afzal about the current state of the Defender market. “The  Defender market has definitely gone a little quiet. People know there is  a new Defender coming soon, plus Brexit is not doing us any favours.  Still we managed to sell around 50 Defenders in 2018 and so far we have  sold seven of the 6x6s to buyers in China, Mexico, Germany and the  Middle East.”

So how did they create this 6x6? It started out life as a newish  Defender 110 crew cab with a 430-hp GM LS3 V8 engine. The body was then  extended by 880 mm and an extra rear axle fitted, whilst the distance  between the back two axles is 880 mm.

Saying that, they have used the rear end of a Defender 90, so  unlike some of the other six-wheeler Defenders we have recently seen  this is a genuine 6x6 with a driven third axle. Afzal throws us the keys  and tells us to enjoy the experience. Jacques gets a naughty smile on  his face. He owns several Land Rovers including a 6x6 3.5-litre V8 Fire  Truck that was built by Land Rover in South Africa. We head north, away  from the Thames River in the direction of Hyde Park.

To read the article in its entirety, pick up a July copy of Land Rover Monthly Magazine.

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