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View From The Press: Kahn publishes independent research on residual values of luxury vehicles
30th Sep 2015

New figures show heightened residual values for enhanced luxury Project Kahn and Chelsea Truck Company vehicles have been maintained, say Car Dealer Magazine.

To increase customer confidence in the added value associated with their vehicle enhancements, Kahn has been working with independent trade specialists CAP for the past two years, commissioning a quarterly report to assess the residual value of its Project Kahn and Chelsea Truck Company vehicles.

The first figures were released in late 2013, with an update each quarter since then, encompassing the full range of vehicles offered by the British design group.

The second quarter figures for 2015 show that the heightened residual values highlighted by the initial research have continued to be maintained, with little movement between Q1 and Q2.

Below is a list of models with their Q1 and Q2 2015 CAP Black Book values above the standard model. To read the article click here

Range Rover 600-LE

Q1: +14% Q2: +14%

Range Rover RS-600

Q1: +14% Q2: +14%

Range Rover RS-650

Q1: +18% Q2: +18%

Range Rover Sport 400-LE

Q1: +16.5% Q2: +16.5%

Range Rover Evoque Ground Effect Edition

Q1: +9% Q2: +10%

Range Rover Evoque RS Sport

Q1: +16% Q2: +17%

Range Rover Evoque RS-250

Q1: +22% Q2: +22%

Jeep Wrangler CJ300

Q1: +12.5% Q2: +12.5%

Defender XS 90 Chelsea Wide Track

Q1: +18% Q2: +17%

Defender XS 110 Chelsea Wide Track

Q1: +21% Q2: +20%

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