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How to keep the kids entertained in the holiday season
31st Mar 2015

Adults will attempt to keep their children happy on long car journeys with traditional old-fashioned games like eye-spy during the holiday season, according to a survey carried out by You Gov.

However, the survey also finds that they may be missing the mark, since many of the kids themselves would be happier doing something else.

Nearly half (44%) of adults said that they would be willing to do absolutely anything that keeps their kids happy and quiet in the car. The survey reveals that adults find playing old-fashioned games like eye spy (54%), a family sing-a-long (44%) or dishing out story and colouring books (34%) to be some of the most enjoyable ways to ease the boredom in the car.

However, children would rather spend the time calling or texting friends on their mobiles (55%) or to be left alone to do \'their own thing\' (50%).

Nearly a third of adults travelling with their children in the car this summer will lose their temper with their children, according to the findings of a new survey. 23% will argue with their partner and a full 28% will wish they hadn\'t bothered going on the journey in the first place!

The research also reveals that families will spend money on things such as sweets, books and computer games, in an attempt to bridge the gap and keep everyone happy whilst travelling to get to their day out.

Some popular ways to keep kids entertained in the car, as voted for by adults:

1. Play Eye Spy

2. Having a chat to \'catch-up\'

3. Listen to a story together

4. Give kids colouring/story books

5. Lecture them (nicely) about the good \'old days!

Top five ways to keep kids entertained in the car this Easter, as voted for by children:

1. Listen to a story

2. Left to do their own thing

3. Text and call friends on the mobile

4. Left alone to just chill

5. Having a chat to \'catch up\'

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